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The Sage 3 Story

  • Delivered in partnership
    We work with you to understand your individual business needs and unique corporate finance requirements. At every stage of the journey we will provide relevant, transparent advisory services that help you make informed decisions in partnership with our highly experienced team.
  • Building continued success
    Our team serves as facilitators and mentors for your business, allowing a transfer of knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for your own long-term success. That means a commitment to getting you the best deal, and supporting you to understand the nuances of how that deal works.
  • Success that adapts
    We operate on a flexible, adaptive approach to corporate finance. We’re not stuck to rigid structures that constrain what we can offer our clients. We employ an entrepreneurial approach that allows us to adapt to achieve the best deal for you.

­­­­The Sage 3 Story

Sage 3’s genesis can be traced to May 2006, when it was co-founded by the senior management and former founding members of Danaharta.

At Sage 3 we’re committed to providing corporate finance advisory services that you can trust. We provide honest advice, informed by experience, designed for you.

  • Seasoned debt restructuring specialists who were among the founding members of Danaharta
  • Successfully strategised, negotiated and implemented >RM20 billion of distressed debt restructuring over the last decade
  • Extensive credit analysis and evaluation experience
  • Experience delivering customised solutions for diverse sectors including infrastructure and technology
  • Undertake expert valuation of companies/businesses
  • Routinely engaged by local and international banks and consulting firms to partner on corporate finance projects
  • Strong network facilitates corporate proposals
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